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Book cover for Calm Elegance for the Mama at Home by Melanie Tito
For frazzled days

Calm Elegance for the Mama at Home

This book started off as notes hastily scribbled in cab rides to and from hospital when my second baby was born preemie at 31 weeks, during Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. I was having to 'hit the ground running' each day with trying to be a calm presence for my toddler at home and baby in hospital.

It is about enjoying life at home with babies and toddlers, getting comfortable in one's "mama skin", making the most of the day-to-day and managing difficult thoughts and emotions which can crop up in stressful times. I wrote down my own 'coping strategies' out of my own desperate need for them.

These are some things I found helpful and perhaps you will find something in there that will help you too.

Book cover for How to love with a healing heart by Melanie Tito
My personal story

How to love with a healing heart

Everyone has a story, and I have several, yet untold. But this is one that I wrote as a new-ish wife and a very new mama. I was living in a season of fire, a season of joy; a season of pain, and a season of faith. It was an experience I wanted to write down.

When I shared it I was so glad to hear back from readers who shared their own stories with me, and thanked me for encouraging them. That's the true beauty of memoir, I think; reading the words of a stranger—or even a friend, finding out that you aren't alone, and awakening to the beauty of your own story.

Marriage and motherhood form the backdrop of my book, but in a wider way this book explores things that are common to us all. Mysteries of the heart, transitions, growing pains and inner healing. It is an honest and uplifting read for women, especially new mothers.

2022 fundraiser

An excerpt from this book was printed in The Kiwi Diary 2021.

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The writing is compelling with a heartfelt tone that relates to every woman … I would highly recommend this one. It is inspiring and uplifting. A true gem.


This book is what happens when a poet writes a memoir! The author has an achingly beautiful way of describing love and heartbreak, motherhood and faith that you will come away from this book with a deeper understanding of your own heart.


Love the way you write. So far I've loled and teared ...


So inspired by your honesty and clarity of expression in sharing your journey so far. I cried and laughed ... 


This is an incredibly validating read for a new mother, and really a mother at any stage ... I highly recommend to all mothers out there if you want to feel heard, seen, and understood.

Q. Davison

Book cover for Write from the Start by Melanie Tan (now Melanie Tito)
My first eBook!

Write from the Start

Get inspired to write!

I had long dreamed of writing a book, but it wasn’t till 2012 when I got a paid offer to ghostwrite a book for someone—that I was pushed to stop making excuses and actually finish at least one book. I decided that I should write my own, as a practice run for my ‘real’ assignment. At this stage I had worked as a writer before, but never had I completed a whole book, from start to finish.

Once I got going, I wrote in a bit of a feverish haze and finished the bones of this eBook in about 5 days. Margaret Haughey whipped my words into shape with her sharp and artistic editor’s touch and Miranda Lees made it all look better than I had dreamed it could look.

In Write from the Start you will find a budding writer’s thoughts on writing, my best tips to inspire yourself and get started ... think of this book as your personal cheerleader companion saying to you, YES fellow budding writer, you CAN do this!

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Note: This book was published under my maiden name Melanie Tan.

This is the book you want to read if you know you want to write, but find yourself lacking the inspiration or the motivation to get started.

Mark V.

It was rad. It's been awhile since I found a book that uses such economy of word and has such a nice clean layout. It really begs to be read. I specifically liked this quote "It doesn’t have to be perfect at first go. There will be time to edit it later."

Josh L.

I only need to read a couple of pages and I can’t wait to get to the keyboard.

Fiona F.

Mel provides very practical advice to aspiring writers ... A must read!!!

Jacqui W.

it most definitely inspires me to want to do more writing with some helpful tips ...

Ariel C

Book cover for Twenty-six by Melanie Tito
Poetic prose


Rather than blowing out 26 candles on a cake, I decided to pen 26 vignettes.

Turning 26 in the windy capital of New Zealand, Wellington, I decided to write 26 poems/vignettes to mark the occasion. There is no central theme to them; I just followed my curiosity.

A few of these are included on Poetic Prose.

Book cover for treehousekitchen, a coffee table book by Melanie Tito
A photo of a page within treehousekitchen, a coffee table book by Melanie Tito
A photo of a page within treehousekitchen, a coffee table book by Melanie Tito
Mini coffee table book


Take a peek into my relationship with food, love and various kitchens which have nourished me along the way.

Printed in January 2018, this 6″ X 8″ glossy photo book celebrates the journey of my food blog treehousekitchen, the blog in which I journaled about friends, dinner parties, kitchen experiments and winning tickets to Rick Stein’s show.

People who bought this at the time it was released also received a 12-page Christmas letter PDF from me. In it I paid tribute to members of my family and included my recipe for a dish beloved in my husband’s Maori culture, the “boil up”.

There are limited copies of this book available for sale.

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I received your wonderful photo book and I love it. I love the pictures and the simple text with it. Your photography skills brings the food to life. Your book has inspired me to continue my quest in writing and publishing my book. It has also encouraged me try cooking/baking new recipes.


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