A mama’s life

She strives to meet her family’s needs along with her own.

She organises her days around weather, activities, how empty the fridge and pantry are, moods, food and sleep.

She does laundry. So much laundry.

She makes plans and gets ready to change them at a moment’s notice.

She remembers … what she can.

She budgets, and still spends too much at the supermarket.

She cooks while trying not to trip over toys her toddler has placed carefully behind her feet.

She watches for the most unlikely, yet dangerous, hazards.

She makes mealtime family time. Getting spoons into mouths, catching spills, watching for flailing hands and flying messes, enjoying time together.

She sings while driving.

She reads a story ‘one more time’, realising as she does, that she has committed it to memory without trying to.

She nurtures her own inner life, creativity and feminine heart, in order to do it all again the next day.

16 Jul 2021

A photo of laundry and teddies hanging out to dry
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