Do you ever wish ...
you could have a thought-pile and sift through them in a thinking chair?
you could keep memories like swimming goldfish in a glass fishbowl and fish one up in a net to dwell upon every so often?
you could have dreams in the form of a pocket full of stars and keep them shining in your coat?
Thoughts are
like a magic lamp which throws shadows of a hundred shapes and fibres upon the wall;
like clouds which glide and stop and filter sunlight through;
like sand which shifts beneath your feet;
like raspberries running away from you in a bowl of cream.
Maybe ... I can catch some falling stars, and we can gaze at their beauty together. Maybe ... I can take you inside a lions' cage or down a deep pit, and show you they are not so bad. If I could just take the most beautiful and grotesque ... if I could just show you the world from my eyes! Even if just for awhile.

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