Fresh pasta is worth the effort

With grace, wit, a sparkle in her eye,
and apparent ease—she rolls out her dough.
It is not until I start working on mine
that I realise just
how strong her arms are.

I apply my whole body, and even then, it is work.

I am grateful when the pasta machine takes over.

I learn the power of
two eggs, flour, a weighing scale, strong arms;
gluten, time, following rules, discipline;
grandmothers, women, dreams, love, laughter
and developing one’s feelings, gut, intuition, physical wisdom.

I do not mind that a couple hours’ work disappears into bellies in a matter of seconds.

I realise that having a family to cook for and enjoy food with is a blessing.

Thank you Stefania at Pasta e Cuore for a beautiful workshop.

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