Road trip

Let the corners rise up to meet you
as you delve deep into the hearts of dewberry dwarfs
and whiskey-flavoured petals— 
watching sunlight pass, sky to skin
through metal, leather, windscreen

Let the songs play
and emotions rise like steam—
memories of this road
you and me
younger you,
younger me

Do you remember?

Where are you now?

Let the broccoli bushes fill the valley,
fill your eyes
as we drive further into the country
leaving behind the things of daily life
the things of the past

Oh, who even cares?

See here the trees stripped bare,
just bones and marrow
nothing pretty, nothing sugar-coated

Look, there is a crying mountain
begging for dew, aching for heaven

And I don’t know this for sure,
So don’t quote me on it—

Just maybe—

Hope is around the corner.

Love is more thicker than forget ~ E. E. Cummings

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