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Praise for How to love with a healing heart

This book gives an honest look at life as we move through the changes and trials, as well as the gifts, of evolving. From falling in love, to marriage, to God, and then to childbirth and beyond, the author gives an intimate view into her life and heart as she grows, sometimes battling, these stages.
The writing is compelling with a heartfelt tone that relates to every woman. 
I would highly recommend this one. It is inspiring and uplifting. A true gem.
- Marni M

Love the way you write. So far I've loled and teared ...
- John T.

This is an incredibly validating read for a new mother, and really a mother at any stage. Mel writes with such honesty, authenticity, and relatability that you find yourself bursting with joy, relief, and comfort that someone understands and can describe so well the things you struggle to find words for. I highly recommend to all mothers out there if you want to feel heard, seen, and understood.
- Dacia D.

This book is what happens when a poet writes a memoir! The author has an achingly beautiful way of describing love and heartbreak, motherhood and faith that you will come away from this book with a deeper understanding of your own heart. I would specifically recommend this book for anyone struggling with being a new wife or a new mother... or both!
- Abigail W.

Finally got a clear space to read your book last night, and then I just kept reading until I finished it in the early hours of this morning.
So inspired by your honesty and clarity of expression in sharing your journey so far. I cried and laughed, and fully empathised with how you juggle being an introvert with all the demands that the people we love (and everyone else) make on our time! And how you can keep on turning that into a positive experience through your faith in God, self-care strategies, and the support of others. 
- Ruth S.

I relate to your honesty about being a mum for the first time and some of the challenges that I guess don't get widely advertised ... I feel a bit sneaky and also a lot blessed that I can read your story, thanks for sharing it.
- Andrea T.

She shares her story with such openness and willingness to be vulnerable, an account of her own journey through without being prescriptive. While experiences are individual, I think there is a lot of value in sharing personal stories such as these as it can be an anxious and isolated time for new parents, some more so than others. It can help to know struggles are not uncommon and reading this might help someone feel less alone.
- Nurus @ns510reads (Instagram review)

Praise for Write from the Start

Melanie's ebook is friendly, motivating, and I love to read it to get my mind back in writing mode. I only need to read a couple of pages and I can't wait to get to the keyboard. I love this book for that alone, but Melanie also provides a lot of useful information on writing, overcoming procrastination, and reminding me why I love to write. Thanks Melanie!
- Fiona F.

This is the book you want to read if you know you want to write, but find yourself lacking the inspiration or the motivation to get started.
- Mark V.

It was rad. It's been awhile since I found a book that uses such economy of word and has such a nice clean layout. It really begs to be read. I specifically liked this quote "It doesn’t have to be perfect at first go. There will be time to edit it later".
- Josh L.

Enjoyed reading about the author's writing journey, getting tips and moving forward with my own writing. This short booklet is well-written and filled with support for any writer.
- Jaylia123

This book seems to end too fast and it leaves me wanting more pages to turn.
- Paul W.

A fun, quirky and energetic read.
I have been blogging, writing and procrastinating for the past 18 months and was a little skeptical before reading this book, but now I feel refreshed and motivated to write again.
- Tracey A.

Mel provides very practical advice to aspiring writers and also encourages others to take up the challenge of writing about whatever they dream, think, feel, see, eat, experience. A must read!!!
- Jacqui W.

Even if I didn't know you, it would make me feel like writing, but for someone that does know you a little bit more than just a name on a book cover 😉 I have to say that it most definitely inspires me to want to do more writing with some helpful tips.
- Ariel C.

Awesome! Awesome!
- Justin S.

Praise for treehousekitchen

I received your wonderful photo book and I love it. I love the pictures and the simple text with it. Your photography skills brings the food to life. Your book has inspired me to continue my quest in writing and publishing my book. It has also encouraged me try cooking/baking new recipes.
- Shirley V.

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