All the thoughts of the world

All the thoughts of the world
I gather:
in coffee spoons, jugs, weighing scales
And stop. Think

I seem to

Believe firmly on Monday
Remember faintly on Tuesday
Sit confused on Wednesday
Hide away on Thursday

And Friday,
Oh Frivolous Friday ...

Am I mad?

... the Others,
how go their thoughts?
What do they think about,
too many calories,
the magic Olympics,
uninterested husbands,
wives who chatter like monkeys?

Wars? Movies?
Incessant affairs?

Dead are libraries
Dancing are cemeteries
Dissident are thoughts ...

Suspended on a flimsy trapeze
The elephants waltz while I breathe, count, measure
A step, a twist, a jump and a fall
They land and I crash,
I make pavlova till morning

Tell me then,
how now shall we measure
the thoughts of the world?

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