Mother’s Night Out

My hands still smell of garlic
As I leap into the car
It has been so long
since I drove out alone at night
Google Maps, hello, friend.
Elton John, will you join our party on Spotify?

The world looks dazzlingly bright, like technicolour
A good film, soul food—
Now all I need is ice cream, aloneness, wind in my hair,
To complete the feeling of ultimate bliss.

I drive with intention to a spot not too far away,
Creating my own portable vacation:
A parked car,
A quiet street with a view of the sunset,
A cup of creamy cold burnt butter and caramel,
A peek at the vacant car seats behind me—

For a moment, I close my eyes and think of the warmth of my children
I miss them.

I follow blue and vermillion skies and Google Maps home.

Mother’s Night Out—Part II

Glamour dissolves
As soon as the Woman is back at home,
She is Mama.
A magnet for baby drool and sticky hands,
A pole for her toddler to dance around …

The house and kitchen are tidy
I know that my husband has been busy.
We proceed to the final stretch on Parent Street
The end of each day is a good time.
Tonight, especially so for me!
My husband has given me what I didn’t know I needed.
Time away, so I can return a contented woman.

Story time, cuddles,
Glow in the dark stars,
Teddies, dolls
A little protest, then acceptance
Good night, yes, good night.

Walking away from the kids’ room, hearing only silence from within:
The sentiment is best described as “dancing in silk pyjamas”.

February 2021

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